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Otaki Timebank

Mayor Visits Yvy's new Art Studio Space

We had a great "Working Bee" at Yvys place and she was able to meet the deadline and open on time for the Arts Trail weekends. Whew!..... It was a lot of work and without the help of willing Timebank members it would not have happened. 

Timebanking is very old-fashioned, it promotes caring, connectedness and community. Otaki Timebank members showed that they cared by giving up some of their precious time over a 3 day weekend. It was fun catching up with other members and connecting with new ones. The community has benefitted because the Timebank now has a space that they can use once a month.
Yvy had over 400 visitors during the Arts trail and did not miss a single opportunity to tell the community about the benefits of Timebanking and all the help she had received to get her new art studio space ready. I was there when the Mayor called in to check out the artwork and within 10 seconds I could hear Yvy talking about and promoting Timebanking! Thanks everyone for being old fashioned and caring enough to connect and help your community.